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Who's Joining Blytheco?

Why are so many Sage Partners and their clients joining the Blytheco Team?

Blytheco enjoys a unique position with Sage Software. Blytheco is in a unique position to be able to offer advantages that no one else can. You'll get more competitive pricing.  As an established leader in the Sage Software community, Blytheco continues to set industry standards for quality software implementation and support. Simply put, through our nationwide offices, experienced staff and our unique position with Sage, we have been able help our partners and their valued clients achieve their business goals. For more information on partnerships visit the Blytheco Partner Website.
What are the advantages to our valued clients?
You receive reliable, responsive service from offices nationwide.
You benefit from 12+ hours of available support every day.
You have access to the most experienced consultants in the industry.
You work with one resource for all of your business technology needs (CRM, ERP, HRMS, Networking, and more).
The resources of Blytheco can support your company’s evolving needs and future growth.
Bottom line: You will receive more value for your money.
What are the advantages to our new partners?
Blytheco has offices nationwide to better serve larger national clients that require a coast-to-coast implementation and support network
Blytheco has a focused national marketing, advertising and trade show presence
Blytheco provides a broad spectrum of solutions for it's customers.
Blytheco is an integration and enhancement leader – a Master Developer better able to focus on integration and vertical products.
Our partners enjoy integrated resources such as: Administration, Accounting, Human Resources and Employee Training.
Blytheco attracts the best consultants and professionals in the industry.

Blytheco is a Sage Select Elite Reseller, and a member of the “Sage Chairman’s Club”. With more buying power, Blytheco is in a better position to compete in the marketplace.

Interested in Joining Blytheco? Please call Stephen Blythe at (949) 583-9500 x1131
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Now Part of the Blytheco Team:

SFA Technology   September 2010 - SFA Technology Principal Patrick Cherry has joined Blytheco's staff and is actively participating in the transition of his client base to Blytheco. "This is a win for everyone involved," said Patrick Cherry. "SFA clients will now have access to the much wider range of expertise that Blytheco can provide, and Blytheco will gain clients in key markets with unlimited growth potential. I am delighted to join the top-level professionals at Blytheco." "We look forward to working with SFA clients, helping them use the skills and strengths of our team to get even more out of their current systems and grow their businesses." said Phil Sim, Blytheco's Vice President of CRM. Press Release
November 2009 – Blytheco has acquired Tampa-based Evanoff Business Software. The transaction will further strengthen Blytheco’s existing sales and professional services practice in Florida and add to a growing national presence that has become the key to continued success for the company. Evanoff Business Software, led by industry veteran Larry Evanoff, has served Sage users since 1987 with specialties in accounting, manufacturing and distribution solutions. Evanoff and Blytheco have a history of collaboration and have worked together for many years on various types of client projects.   Evanoff Busilness Software
August 2009 – Blytheco acquired the Synergistic Software Solutions (Synergistic) MAS 90, MAS 200 and MAS 500 products and professional services practice from BDO Seidman, LLP. In August 14, 2009, clients of Synergistic Software Solutions will joined the Blytheco client family. This union strengthens and increase the resources available to Synergistic clients, both geographically and through greater access to the highest quality professional consulting services available for Sage software products.   Synergistic Software Solutions
MIS Group  

July 2009
With the closure of the MIS Group in Dallas, TX Blytheco has expanded our consultants and account executives at the offices in the Dallas and Houston markets to meet the needs of these displaced clients. A significant number of these clients and many MIS consultants have transferred their relationship to Blytheco.

July 2008 – Automated Business Solutions, Inc., led by President Judy Peterson, joined Blytheco as of August 1, 2008. Based in Minneapolis, Automated Business Solutions was founded in 1991 and served approximately 650 active clients, specializing in Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, ABRA HRMS, and ACT! software. The company is one of few partners designated a “Sage Software National Partner,” and was a Sage-authorized training center.   Automated Business Solutions
Allied Systems   May 2008 – Blytheco is pleased to welcome the clients of Allied Systems into the Blytheco family. Allied Systems is a Spokane, Washington-based Sage Software business partner. Allied Systems founder Jim Charbonneau has frequently collaborated with Blytheco on client projects in the past, and will continue to assist his clients during the transition period. “It only makes sense for Allied Systems clients to transition to Blytheco,” said Jim. “Blytheco’s reputation for industry leadership and their existing presence in Spokane will ensure the transition is seamless for me and for my valued clients.”
February 2008 – Blytheco announced that award-winning Sage Software solutions partner Baker Consulting joined Blytheco on March 1, 2008. The merger brought the team at Baker Consulting into the Blytheco family, strengthening Blytheco’s Sage Software ERP, CRM and vertical application development practice and broadening Blytheco’s geographic coverage into South Carolina and throughout the southeast.   Baker Consulting
Integrated Tech   December 2007 – Blytheco announced that award-winning Sage CRM solutions partner Integrated Tech, Inc. signed a letter of intent to join Blytheco as of January, 2008.  The acquisition brought the team at Integrated Tech into the Blytheco family, strengthening Blytheco’s CRM practice and broadening Blytheco’s geographic coverage into the Denver metropolitan area.
March 2007 – Blytheco LLC announced today that AccountLogix, a Sage Software Reseller located in Spokane Washington will join Blytheco LLC. Allan Snodgrass, principle of AccountLogix, will continue his practice in the northwest under the Blytheco LLC banner and merge his existing client base into Blytheco LLC.
February 2007 – Blytheco and Macdonald Consulting Group (MCG) announced their merger, effective March 1, 2007. Both organizations are award-winning Sage Select Partners and members of the elite Sage Software Presidents Circle and Chairman’s Club. The combined organization was named Blytheco LLC and is owned by the existing owners of Blytheco & MCG. Blytheco LLC has 120 employees and trailing twelve month revenues of $ 16.5 million.   MacDonald Consulting Group
Integrated Tech   August 2006 – Blytheco announced the acquisition of Long & Associates, a Sage Software Select Authorized Partner, headquartered in Lake Forest, CA. Long & Associates will combine their operations this week into Blytheco’s corporate offices. The combined operation will reinforce Blytheco’s mission to help their customers attain their business goals, by turning quality products and services into effective business solutions. This acquisition continues the Blytheco strategy of providing industry specific solutions and allows Blytheco to service a broader range of vertical markets.
 Interested in Joining Blytheco? Please call Stephen Blythe at (949) 583-9500 x1131
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