Why Budget Maestro?

Budget Maestro budgets, forecasts, consolidates and reports and provides precise, valuable analysis of resources and cash position.

We make it easy.
Traditional business budget software like Excel is limited, and cumbersome to use. Budget Maestro has a simple interface, innovative data entry screens and a Windows-based interface to make data entry easy. No specialized training required. Better still, Budget Maestro is up and running in hours, not days, with minimal IT involvement.

We ensure integration, accuracy and compliance.
Synchronized, automatic data consolidation means that at any given time, you’ll have the most up to the minute information, culled from all of your managers. Budget Maestro is the only package solution that dynamically builds your Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows on the fly. A task nearly impossible with spreadsheets.

We bring you in greater alignment with your goals.
Our forecasting software provides managers "what-if" capabilities to model and test alternative budgeting and financing scenarios. This helps them measure the impact of their decisions from months to years out on the balance sheet, income and cash flow statements. So they'll make smarter, more informed decisions, faster.

We give you the why behind the numbers.
Reports need to be detailed to be relevant. They need to portray your information as you need to see it. Budget Maestro’s powerful 'drill down' to the activity level, allows managers to see the supporting assumptions behind the data. Managers can create clear, accurate reports themselves in minutes, via simple menus and click boxes.

We do it all, without any extra hassles.
Budget Maestro requires no specialized help from us to get started, though training and consulting services are available, should you want them. Instead, Budget Maestro was created specifically for the business that just wants a tool to work, not another issue for IT. It uses intuitive data entry screens to help you build your business model and assumptions, and select from pre-built options with no formulas or macros required. End result? More efficiency. More productivity. And no additional strain on your IT staff. Think about Budget Maestro as a solution with no downside and remarkable returns on investment.
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