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Budgeting and Planning for Sage 100 & 500

Budget Maestro® by Centage is an automated budgeting, planning, and forecasting application that integrates directly with SAGE 100, 300, and 500. Designed for small to mid-market companies, it automates many of the time-consuming and error-prone activities associated with using spreadsheets to generate budgets and forecasts. Budget Maestro features built in financial and business logic to collect and consolidate P&L data with confidence and automatically create a synchronized Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow.
Budget Maestro Overview
The budgeting, forecasting, consolidating, reporting system designed to grow as you grow. more >
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  White Paper: Risk and Reward
Most Companies Use Microsoft Excel for Budget and Forecasting, But at What Risk?. more >
Budget Maestro is the business and financial management tool to take you one giant leap forward. Here’s how. more >
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Budget Maestro budgets, forecasts, consolidates and reports and provides precise, valuable
analysis of resources and cash position. more >
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How does Budget Maestro improve my budgeting process? more >
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