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1099 tax reporting is getting more complicated. Avalara makes it easy.

Every year, new 1099 reporting requirements are added and multiple regulatory changes occur. In addition to changes at the federal level, state 1099 reporting is coming under increased focus as states look to shore up revenue shortfalls. These changes and additional reporting responsibilities usually mean additional work for businesses and that is added to the already stressful first months of every year. Are you wondering where you will find the time to comply with all of your 1099 reporting responsibilities?

Are you worried that you will put the organization at risk through non-compliant filings? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Avalara 1099 may be the perfect solution for you. Call today: 1-949-583-9500 x2500

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Helping A/P departments with the reporting burden.

Avalara 1099 provides Accounts Payable departments with a turnkey solution to 1099 reporting. Because it is web-based, you will no longer need to purchase, install, integrate or operate software for 1099 reporting every year.

With automatic updates and guaranteed compliance, Avalara 1099 streamlines the work required for this non-value added chore and allows you and your team to spend more time on core business activities. Not only will your team be able to address other needs, but using the Avalara 1099 service will also ensure accurate and compliant efforts, avoiding unnecessary penalties.


Get it right the first time: Real Time TIN validation.

It’s a simple fact that most bad TIN information is added to a company’s data when vendor accounts are opened. But what if you could check the information before a vendor becomes a new record in the system? Perfection, right? With the Avalara 1099 Real Time Bulk TIN Validation tool, you are able to proactively discover invalid TIN/Name combinations before filing, simply with the click of a button. When TINs are in question or invalid, Avalara 1099 also has an automated built in W9 and B-Notice solicitation process to send letters requesting the correct information from the vendor and satisfy the IRS timeline for correction and refiling.

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