With over 150 implementations, IN-SYNCH was originally written in 1998 to solve a need for a Sage customer to pull sales orders from a website; the product is customizable and can be expanded to accomplish many more Sage 100 integration and synchronization needs.

IN-SYNCH allows you to connect Sage 100 to a pre-existing web site, no matter what Database Server it accesses. Using IN-SYNCH allows for full control and flexibility in designing, creating and customizing your corporate web site and store front.

IN-Synch Brochure

Flexible And Open ODBC Compliant Architecture
IN-SYNCH is designed to offer a standard methodology used to integrate virtually any system that is ODBC compliant to Sage 100 Order Processing process.

Bidirectional Synchronization
IN-SYNCH will seamlessly integrate and synchronize all relevant changes and updates between Sage 100 and the website or database as they occur in real time. Since IN-SYNCH runs "behind the scenes," the user does not have any additional steps to take in order to update the changes made to the integrated file system.

Data Mirroring
IN-SYNCH utilizes the most efficient data mirroring methods to receive orders, customer changes, and updates automatically as they happen with maximum speed.

IN-SYNCH provides the most secure architecture possible to facilitate data exchanges initiated and controlled from witin the Sage 100 server. There is no downtime, you will get maximum speed without the need for outside access to the accounting system server.

IN-SYNCH allows two systems to run independently, so if one is down for maintenance, the other system will stay up. The two systems will sync up automatically.

Scalable High Performance
IN-SYNCH integrates with unlimited shoppping carts and databases. It scales with you and can migrate to a new website or software upgrade with limited downtime.